PLA based Biodegradable Films

Plastic is used extensively as packaging material due to obvious advantages. disposal of plastic is one of major environmental concern, in an attempt to find solution to this problem, fourteen variants of starch (cassava, corn, maize, rice and potato, 5-30%) and PLA based biodegradable films using commercial blown film extrusion have been developed. The oxygen transmission 32rate (106-318 cm/, water vapour transmission rate (832413 g/ and tensile strength (22-56 MPa), of the developed film are comparable to the conventional polymeric films.

  • Tensile strength : 22-56 MPa

Soy Butter

Soy-butter is healthy, nutritionally rich; cholesterol and trans - fat free plant based spread with high protein content of 39 % making it ideal for people who are suffering from protein malnutrition, obesity and hypercholesterolemia. It has no added flavour and preservatives with a shelf life 3 months under ambient conditions. A patent for the technology has been filed and also has been commercialized through licensing to three entrepreneurs (M/s Bio Nutrients (India), Bhopal, M/s Sana Vegan Products, Vishakhaattanam & M/s Lovsoy Food Products LLP, Mysore).

Sugarcane Rind removing Equipment for Juice Making

The developed sugarcane rind remover consists of four metallic brushes attached to the rotating shaft. When the sugarcane is inserted between the four metallic brushes, the upper, lower and two sides skin of the sugarcane is removed due to the rotation of the brushes (because of the abrasion action between the brushes and the sugarcane fed). The feeding arrangement is made of two nylon roller rotating at about 270rpm , which enables retention of the canes to be peeled for sufficient time in the peeling zone. The equipment is mounted on the wheel enabling easy transportation from one place to another. Capacity of the power operated sugarcane rind removing equipment is 240 canes/h and 175-200 kg/h. The potential stake holders are sugarcane juice vendors and Sugarcane juice bottling plants.

  • Capacity:240 canes/h and 175-200 kg/h