Binderless Briquetts from Crop Residues

The technology of producing binderless briquetts from crop residues can be adopted as an independent enterprise as well. The technology can utilise crop residues namely pigeon pea stalk, soybean straw, lantana camara, etc. to make high qualities briquetted biofuel at a price of about Rs. 3/ kg. The technology has been demonstrated by institute and it has picked up in the MP state by entrepreneurs. About 6-7 units have been established with the technical knowhow from CIAE, Bhopal.

Biomass based Decentralized Electricity Generation Plant

The plant generates the electrical energy of 1 kWh from 1.21.5 kg of crop residues with estimated cost of Rs. 7 per kWh. Technology is suitable for rural implementation at decentralized mode in the areas where the biomass burning is being practiced. Dual benefits are obtainable like the uses of crop residues are for energy generation and to save the environment from the pollution originating due to open field crop residues burning. Power plant consists of biomass dryer, biomass pulverizer, briquetting plant, gasifier and gas genset. Biomass based electricity generation employs gas fired generator sets. Technology has been developed for improving effectiveness of the gas gensets by integrating a high calories gas supplementation system (HCGSS) and an electronic control module (ECM). CIAE has installed a 20 KVA unit at its own premises, 100 kVA at village mana, Raisen District and 100 kVA at village Silari, Udaipura in Madhya Pradesh.

Solar Assisted Dehumidifier based Heat Pump Dryer

Solar assisted dehumidifier based heat pump dryer is useful for drying of high valued crops. This is particularly suitable for drying heat sensitive fruits, medicinal and aromatic crops. Thermal efficiency of the heat pump dryer was 24-30% as compared to 15-22% of conventional electrical dryer. The unit retained the quality of the dried with reduced loss of vitamins and essential oils.

  • Efficiency: 24-30%

Solar PV based Refrigeration System

Solar energy is high on agenda all around the world as a clean and green energy source. Solar PV based refrigeration system developed for short duration transient/on-farm storage of fresh horticultural produce could be good alternative for places where conventional energy sources are not available. The solar PV powered (25 kW) refrigeration system (6-7 tonne capacity) has p been successfully tested for storage of horticultural produce (tomatoes, capsicum, marigold flower) maintaining temperature and Rh of 7-12°C and 90-95%, respectively.