Aloevera Whole Gel Extraction Equipment

Aloevera gel has a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Extraction of aloin free aloevera whole gel from aloevera is a challenge. Continuous feed aloevera whole gel extraction equipment extracts whole gel, directly collects it in the food grade trays partially filled with clean water. The top and the bottom rinds are collected separately. Capacity of the equipment is about 200 - 225 kg/h (900 - 1000 leaves/h) when motorized and 100 kg/h (400 - 450 leaves/h) when operated manually. The saving in time and cost over conventional method is up to 70% and 50%, respectively.

  • Capacity:200-225kg/h(900-1000 leaves/h)and 100kg/h(400-450 leaves/h)

Automated Packing Line for Spherical Horticultural Produce

An Automated packing line for spherical horticultural produce has been developed which can carry out real time sorting of spherical horticultral crops on the basis of three weight categories and colour. The packing line is attached with a water jet washer and perforated cylindrical LDPE heat sealing packing unit. The overall capacity of the machine is about 200 kg/h (assuming average fruit weight to be 120 g). The colour and weight based real time sorting efficiency of the machine is 92 and 88 per cent, respectively. Colour and weight based sorting algorithms are individually programmable to accommodate variety of spherical fruits like oranges, sweet lime, apple , etc.

  • Capacity: 200 kg/h

Bio Oil Production Unit

For distillation and fractionation of bio-crude oil under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure, vessel 20 lt capacity made of glass or stainless steel heated by heating mantle, an additional water bath for the heating vessel, 80 DN packing in column, with reflux divider, coil condensers, provided with suitable size vacuum pump

  • Capacity: 3 kg/h

Fruit/ Vegetable Graders

A large variety of horticultural crops are available in India, mechanisation for their value addition is expected to reduce post harvest losses and also provide newer avenues of income generation and entrepreneurship developemnt. Simple operations like grading help in value addition and loss prevention. Manual grading of fruits and vegetables is tedious and to reduce drudgery and improve efficiency ICAR-CIAE has developed fruit/vegetable graders of varying capacity suitable for grading of fruits and vegetables such as apple, guava, mango, sapota, citrus, tomato, onion, potato, wallnut etc. Capacitiy of these machines are 1 and 5 t/h, respectively. The expanding belt type machine has been successfully deployed at various sites including Krishi Vigyan Kendras, army canteens etc.

  • Capacity: 1 and 5 t/h