Small Seed Planter

The metering mechanism of these machines is precise enough to pick single seed from the seed box without any damage to the seed. The field capacity of machine is 0.5-0.6 ha/h. The machine has been successfully demonstrated and is under multi-location trials. Use of these planters can save upto 90% seeds as compared to broadcasting and 70% seeds as compared to drilling by traditional methods in case of millets.

  • Capacity: 0.5-0.6 ha/h

Tractor operated cassava stake cutter planter

Tractor Saves 88% labour and 51% cost of operation Saves 72% labour and 86% time. Cost of operation: Rs.6500 / ha. Transplants 56 seedlings per min per row Saves 97% labour and 98% of operational time over conventional method operated cassava stake cutter planter developed during last years has now been tested at farmer's field in an area of 4 ha.The germination count of stakes on 28 days after planting is found to be 99.54%. The field capacity of planter is 0.18-0.20 ha/h. The cost of equipment is Rs.90000/- and cost of operation is Rs.3125/ha. The cost benefit ratio and payback period of developed planter worked out are 2.06 and 4.31 year, respectively.

  • Capacity: 0.18-0.20 ha/h

Multi-Millet Thresher

Threshing millets is done manually which results into lots of labour and time engagement. The multi-millet thresher has been developed to facilitate timely threshing of the crop and to achieve higher output with better quality. It is also suitable for cleaning and grading of millets seeds. Threshing capacity of the equipment is 80-150 kg/h. About one million farmers of India, especially in the tribal areas are likely to get benefit of the equipment by saving about 30 man-h/ha of operation time.

  • Capacity: 80-150 kg/h

Herbicide Strip Applicator-cum-Planter

The Herbicide Strip Applicator-cum-Planter - an attachment to inclined-plate planter - helps in reduced use of herbicide by applying the chemical at the time of sowing in widely spaced crops to control weeds along the crop rows which often not possible in mechanical weeding. The spacing between the spray nozzles, angle and height of spray nozzles can be varied. The developed system has the ability of strip as well as blanket application of herbicides. Field capacity of the developed system is 0.4 ha/h with an operating cost Rs 1,350/- per ha saving 40-50% herbicide.

  • Capacity: 0.4 ha/h
  • Operation Cost: Rs 1,350/-