Mechanization Packages for Banana Pseudo Stem

Stem is a major by-product of the banana cultivation. If not managed appropriately, the stem may become a major environmental hazard. Taking into congnizence the industrial and nutritional potential of banana stem, a limited scale utilization of the banana stem is practices using manual gadgets. Mechanization Packages for Banana pseudo stem processing have been developed to increase productivity and improve hygiene of production process. Two such packages of machines are: Utilizing Outer sheath, Banana Chipper Shredder.

Millet Flaking Machine

To produce good quality flakes from millets, process technology and equipment has been developed. The millet flaking machine produces flakes from pre-treated whole sorghum grains. The machine operates using 0.5 hp single phase motor. The minimum flake thickness achievable by the machine is about 0.5 mm with flaking efficiency of about 92%. A process was developed for preparation of sorghum flakes by fermenting the grains with suitable cultures, steaming and then mechanically pressing into flakes. Fermentation was found to improve appearance and texture of flakes. The equipment can also produce flakes from pearl millets and other food grains of similar size.

  • Efficiency: 92%;    Power requirement: 0.5 Hp

ICAR-CIAE Millet Mill

ICAR-CIAE Millet mill has been developed for dehusking minor millets viz., foxtail millet, little millet, kodo millet, proso millet and barnyard millet. This machine has a capacity of dehusking 100 kg/h (at 95% efficiency) and operates with 1 hp single phase electric motor. Separation of the husk is simultaneous with a suction arrangement and cyclone separator attached to the machine. Technology has been licensed to three (3) manufacturers (M/S AVM Engineering Industries, Salem, M/s Valampuri Industries, Coimbatore & M/s Perfura Technologies India, Coimbatore).

  • Capacity: 100 kg/h

Pilot Scale Modified Atmosphere Storage (MAS) System

To extend the technology for storage at higher capacities, first prototype of pilot scale modified atmosphere storage (MAS) system with capacity of 100 kg has been successfully developed. The MAS structure is made up of stainless steel with polymeric film lining (LDPE + LLDPE 60µ). The MAS system maintains appropriate humidity and oxygen concentration inside the structure that helps in increased shelf life of guava from 4 days to 8 days; and 7 days to 21 days for tomatoes, respectively at ambient temperature.

  • Capacity: 100 kg/h