Morphological Features of Plant Parts

Image processing protocol has been developed in Matlab® software for extracting 21 phenomic features such as length, width, area, perimeter, eccentricity, roundness, equivalent diameter, chromatic features like red, green, blue contents, hue; surface texture properties. The protocol has been successfully used for extracting the said features from images of rice seed, mustard seed and leaves, okra seeds etc.

Package of Farm Machinery to Establish a Farm Machinery Custom Hiring Centre

The selection of package of farm machinery to establish a farm machinery custom hiring centre is not only difficult but also an intelligent decision which depends on cost as well as on other parameters viz. region, area covered, soil type and crops grown in that area. Selection of farm machinery based on various parameters has been addressed by developing software for various calculations and selections. The developed software can take the inputs in the form of – name of state and agro-climatic region. Based these inputs, a complete package of machinery is recommended by the software for the selected region.

Web-based Anthropometric and Strength Database of Indian Agricultural Workers

The database on anthropometric and strength data helps in having a clear picture of the situation in the country and to decide the priorities, and to chalk out work-plan for preventing/minimizing the accidents by ergonomically designing farm tools and equipment. The countrywide anthropometric database generated through AICRP on ESA would help in better design of hand tools and manually operated equipment, animal drawn implements and work places in tractor and self-propelled/ power operated machines.

Solar PV based Refrigeration System

Solar energy is high on agenda all around the world as a clean and green energy source. Solar PV based refrigeration system developed for short duration transient/on-farm storage of fresh horticultural produce could be good alternative for places where conventional energy sources are not available. The solar PV powered (25 kW) refrigeration system (6-7 tonne capacity) has p been successfully tested for storage of horticultural produce (tomatoes, capsicum, marigold flower) maintaining temperature and Rh of 7-12°C and 90-95%, respectively.