Two stage seed-cum-fertilizer drill

A tractor drawn five-row two stage seed-cumfertilizer drill has been developed that can place fertilizer at two stages (first at one side at the same level as of the seed and second at 50 mm below the seed) in single pass. Field capacity of the machine is 0.5 ha/h at forward speed of 3.5 km/h with the cost of operation of Rs 600/h. Two years experimental results on wheat and soybean crops, cultivated on permanent broad beds, revealed marked improvement in root growth and maximum yield (increase of 15% for wheat and 22% for soybean) by applying the fertilizer at two stages i.e. 40 mm away from seed at same depth and 50 mm below the seed. An estimated saving of 5-7% in phosphorus and potash fertilizers can be achieved

  • Capacity: 0.5 ha/h
  • Operation Cost: Rs 600/h

Mechanical intra and inter row weeder

An unique mechanical intra and inter row weeder has been developed for the first time in the country for weeding in deep rooted wide spaced field crops. The Uniformity in laying Drudgery reduction Adjustable track width (1.5 to 2 m) and ground clearance (2-2.6 m) Suitable for various oper-ations in crops combinations of active and passive tools are used to develop an intra and inter row weeder. The intra row weeding tool rotates around a horizontal axis parallel to the direction of travel, which is positioned directly above the crop row and it moves along the crop row. It is found that about 71% of the weeds get destroyed by uprooting or cutting and field capacity of an equipment is 0.26 ha/h.

  • Capacity: 0.26 ha/h

Multipurpose Hydraulic lift system

A Self-Propelled Multipurpose Hydraulic lift system operated by 11 hp petrol engine has been developed specifically for performing such operations in mango, sapota, citrus and similar tree crops. Lifting and lowering of the platform; forward, backward movement and steering of the machine are controlled by the operator from the platform. Attachments for cutting, pruning and spraying have been developed which are powered by the machine hydraulic system. The field capacity of multipurpose platform is 700-1100 mangoes/h depending upon fruit density.

  • Capacity: 700-1100 mangoes/h


A zero-till bed planter-cum-residue mulcher has been developed for planting of maize and wheat seeds on beds under conservation agriculture. The machine can also form both broad as well as narrow beds of varying width from 200 mm to 1200 mm. It mulches maize residues left over after combine harvesting followed by planting. It works efficiently under the maize residue of 12 t/ha. It gives field capacity of 0.3 ha/h at a forward speed of 2.7 km/h.

  • Capacity: 0.3 ha/h
  • Efficiency : 12 t/ha