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Utilisation of Animal Energy

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Dr M Din

Project Coordinator

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To increase the utilization of draught animal power and to study different aspects scientifically, the ICAR sanctioned an ad-hoc coordinated project on "Utilization of Animal Energy with Enhanced System Efficiency" in 1985, which became a regular All India Coordinated Research Project of ICAR from July 1987 with the Coordinating Cell at CIAE, Bhopal and seven Cooperating Centers located at CIAE, Bhopal, MPUAT, Udaipur, GBPUAT, Pantnagar, UAS, Raichur, SHIATS, Allahabad, PAU, Ludhiana and KVK Rewari. 

Mandate/Major programme/Mission

To improve the utilization efficiency of animal systems to harness animal power through efficient matching equipment and gadgets for on-farm and off-farm operation, providing better growth environment to draft animals through improved housing, sanitation and health control measures, value-added feed and efficient utilization of animal by-products focussing on hilly, tribal and low mechanization regions of the country.


The objectives of AICRP on Harnessing Animal Energy System to Increase Profitability of Small Farms (AES) during SFC period 2017-20 are as follows:

  1. To develop and popularize animal operated matching equipment for conservation, organic and integrated farming to small and marginal farmers and hill mechanization with improved system efficiency.
  2. To develop and standardize improved carting/transport systems with improved harnessing for different types of animals used in different parts of the country. 
  3. To standardize energy efficient, nutritionally safe animal feed using locally available materials to enhance energy output and reduce methane emission. 
  4. To develop improved housing for a condusive environment for working and non-working animals and technologies for utilization of their by-products.
  5. Popularization and pilot scale introduction of improved animal based equipment and technology on small farms

Thrust Area:

  1. Hill mechanization.
  2. Small farm mechanization through animal power.
  3. Improved housing, sanitation and health control measures for working and non-working animals.
  4. Energy efficient, nutritionally balanced animal feed to enhance energy output.
  5. Popularization of animal energy technologies through Front line demonstration, Village Saturation Programme and development of Technology R

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