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Ergonomics and Safety in Agriculture

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Dr K N Agrawal

Project Coordinator

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Ergonomics is the scientific study of relationship between a person and his/her working environment. The term environment includes his/her tools and materials, his/her method of work, ambient conditions and physical environment of work, and also the organization of work. In most of the developing countries human workers constitute as one of the important sources of farm power. Besides, they also operate animal drawn equipment, tractors, power tillers and self- propelled as well as power operated machines. Therefore, in agriculture, the application of ergonomics can help in increasing the efficiency and thereby productivity of the workers without jeopardizing their health and safety.

Mandate/major programme/Mission

Application of ergonomical principles and anthropometric data for increasing productivity, reducing drudgery, and minimizing accidents and occupational health problems of workers in agriculture and allied sectors.

Objectives/Thrust Area

  1. To study human – machine - environment interactions to generate data for developing ergonomical guidelines leading to development of agricultural tools and equipment for reduced drudgery.
  2. To develop safety devices, practices, and strategies to minimize accidents in agriculture and agro- based industries.
  3. To asses occupational health hazards and developing ergonomical interventions for their minimization.

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