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ICAR - Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal

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Energy in agriculture and agro-based industries

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Dr K C Pandey

Project Coordinator

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The ICAR-AICRP on Energy in Agriculture and Agro-based Industries (EAAI) was launched in 1983 initially with 13 cooperating centres with its name as AICRP on Renewable Source of Energy  (RES) for Agriculture and Agro based Industries. The name of the project was revised as (ICAR-AICRP on EAAI) with effect from 2015-16. Initially this project was initiated by combining two earlier projects, one on Solar Energy Utilization and another on Biogas technology, which were operating since 1977. Over the period, scope of the project was broaden and name and mandate of the project was revised as ICAR-AICRP on EAAI. Now this project contains three different components, namely Development of Renewable Energy Technologies (DRET), Energy Management in Agriculture (EMA) and Demonstration of Renewable  Energy Systems (DRES). The R & D component of the Project (DRET) was further bifurcated into four sub-components namely DRET-SET (DRET- Solar Energy Technology), DRET-BCT (DRET-Bio-chemical Conversion Technology), DRET-TCT (Thermo-chemical Conversion Technology) and DRET-LBT (DRET-Liquid Bio-fuel Technology).  

Mandate/Major programme/Mission

The approved mandate of the Project includes development of technologies and processes for enhanced use efficiency of renewable and non-renewable energy sources in production agriculture and agro-processing. 

Objective/Thrust Area:

Development and demonstration of technologies and practices for enhancing utilization efficiency of conventional energy based systems and augmenting use of renewable energy in agricultural sector.

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Dr. K.C. Pandey

Project Coordinator, AICRP on EAAI
ICAR-Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering,
Nabibagh, Berasia Road, Bhopal – 462 038
Phone : (O) +91-755-2733383